UL’s comprehensive testing, certification, assessment and regulatory compliance services are designed to foster innovation, enhance product and process quality, enable safety and—ultimately—help our customers meet their business goals.

Our broad capabilities and capacities enable us to partner with our customers, to help address a wide variety of key business needs that may arise throughout their product development lifecycle, and deployment phase. Working with one provider allows UL customers to take advantage of cost-and-time saving service bundles, as well as integrated testing and certification plans that can help them to react quickly to changes in suppliers and raw materials, meet deadlines and achieve their go-to-market plans.

The benefits of working with UL
With over a century of expertise in safety science and in-depth experience across numerous industries, UL is uniquely positioned to provide a complete view of how products function within a given system. This is particularly critical in the plastics and components industry, as interactions between substances, parts, systems and the environment in which they are expected to function can be the cause of a significant number of hazards and failures which are rarely apparent when components are tested individually.

Our technical experts can also help customers to align their products to the appropriate UL Certification category and the applicable Standards, enabling manufacturers of UL Certified products to easily source components that demonstrably meet their compliance needs and project specifications.

Our worldwide presence allows UL to provide local services with a global outlook and enables access to a network of experts in all of our customer’s target markets. We support our customers in their drive to protect public safety and brand value, mitigating their risk with quality assurance and supply chain compliance services. Our trustworthy reputation provides an important product differentiator in a crowded marketplace, communicating safety and quality to OEMs, purchasers and regulatory authorities.

Find the right service within the UL offering and learn how it meets your particular needs.

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