In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to design, build and globally deploy safe and sustainable products. Regulatory and compliance requirements continually shift as new safety systems emerge and evolve, product recalls and liabilities pose a risk to a company’s reputation, and workforce demographics change at an unprecedented rate. UL Knowledge Solutions provide our customers with the education resources they need to develop, manufacture, install and deploy safer products throughout the global marketplace.

Our customers put this knowledge to work within their own businesses to demonstrate their commitment to safety, advance their approach to risk management and risk prevention, keep pace with new technologies and regulations, and ultimately improve speed to market.

The benefits of working with UL
Our Knowledge Solutions draw on UL’s thought leadership and the expertise garnered from more than a century of testing and certifying products and developing standards. UL’s Knowledge Solutions will help customers to:

  • Design safer products and get those products to market quickly
  • Build a culture of safety while mitigating product risk and liability
  • Access expert knowledge in one place from a trusted source
  • Address organizational knowledge gaps with education aimed at elevating skills across an entire  institution
  • Gain the knowledge necessary to navigate complex global compliance issues and regulatory challenges
  • Streamline processes, instill best practices and fully utilize the talent of individuals

UL’s Knowledge Solutions combine dynamic learning with practical application and demonstration. We offer training programs in several languages and can translate into any language, send experts to any location and investigate any market risk to meet our customers’ knowledge needs.

Our team of professional educators helps our customers optimize and enhance results. We can provide front- and back-end assessments to measure training effectiveness and knowledge retention.


View the summary of selected UL Standards below. UL provides training on each, plus other standards not listed here.

UL Standard Number
Subject Number
Edition Number Standard Title

Browse pertinent UL thought leadership to help you find the research and insights that matter for your business.

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