We provide customized services, fire safety testing and certification for manufacturers, regulatory authorities, building owners, insurance companies and the fire safety community.

The benefits of working with UL
For over a century, UL has developed standards, conducted fire safety testing, granted product certification and performed research programs. Our technical expertise, testing capabilities and portfolio of product certifications, together with our global reach, enables UL to be a full-service provider. UL’s fire suppression team partners with each customer to optimize resources and customize evaluations to achieve timely and individualized solutions.

Our services support the fire suppression industry’s need for reliable, accurate test results and certifications. The testing process is streamlined to control costs and accelerate time-to-market for our customers, with no compromises in integrity or scientific excellence. In today’s fast-moving business environment, UL’s fire suppression team adapts to stay at the forefront of fire safety advancements.

UL’s services span the entire life cycle of a product. Projects are easily and quickly started with a conversation. We offer technical consultations and guidance throughout product development and by testing to ascertain anticipated product performance and reliability. UL is also authorized to certify many fire suppression products to Canadian and other international standards.

We offer flexible options for testing outside of UL facilities, including witness testing at third-party laboratories or at the manufacturer’s facilities. UL offers a sensible system to facilitate compliant component choices and replacements—correlated to the applicable standards, helping to simplify both the design and testing process for manufacturers—as well as customized testing solutions.

UL has written over 150 U.S. fire safety standards. We provide authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), insurance companies, architects, designers and building owners with the information they need to verify fire suppression product performance, reliability and suitability. All of those involved in protecting the public from fire recognize and implicitly trust the UL Mark, a benefit our customers can leverage to differentiate their products.



Learn about all of our services for the Fire Suppression industry by viewing UL’s Fire Suppression Brochure.



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