At UL we don’t just enable safety, we accelerate innovation.

UL was there when lightning was captured in a bottle and watched as its light covered the world. Since that time, the energy that has lit our homes and powered our everyday lives has helped us reach farther than we ever thought possible. UL has partnered with pioneers across every industry to make sure safety is always in step with innovation, including the future-focused Renewable Energy Market. The UL team works diligently with renewable energy innovators to protect this generation and the next, all while inspiring the search for the next great innovative leap.

From gas and oil and renewable energy solutions (PV/solar, wind and smart grids) to utilities, batteries/energy storage, inverters, fuel cells and power options for e-mobility vehicles, UL fully supports our customers’ drive to bring safer products and services to the marketplace.

UL’s proven expertise in safety science and engineering enables us to serve the entire energy industry, from traditional power sources to the newest solutions. Our extensive, flexible service portfolio covers all of our customers’ core business needs, such as research and development, global market access, installation and end use.

Setting the standard: The benefits of working with UL
For over a century, UL has partnered with key stakeholders in the energy industry. These legacy organizations are now the key drivers of current product innovation and industry maturation.

We are active members in industry associations and standards working groups. We work regularly with manufacturers, universities and research institutes to identify changing needs, new technologies, and the potential impact of innovations on UL Standards creation and development.

Our energy and industrial solutions team members are frequently invited to speak at conferences and stakeholder meetings and to work with the industry on technology development, product innovation, and studies gauging product safety and performance.

We also work closely with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), regulatory officials and government representatives to understand the changing market landscape.

UL’s global presence enables us to deliver localized services to our customers, while providing the information and services that they need to gain accelerated access to markets around the world.

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