An increasingly scrutinized global market means that manufacturers and retailers need to drive visibility into their quality control practices and compliance to dietary supplement regulation.

UL quality assurance, regulatory compliance testing, and world market access programs provide the rigor and support customers need to meet consumer and regulatory demands for high-quality products while maximizing efficiencies as one global provider for all key customer needs. UL’s quality assurance solutions range from testing the purity and potency of raw ingredients and finished products to manufacturing audits and quality inspections to help achieve cGMP compliance. This includes:

  • Product specification development
  • Manufacturing audits
  • Standard operating procedure development and implementation
  • Microbiological quality assessment
  • Stability studies for expiration dating
  • Sensory evaluations and consumer panels
  • Supplement testing for purity/potency and contaminants for regulatory compliance
  • Regulatory label reviews
  • Regulatory consultation

The benefits of working with UL UL uses recognized test methods to help products meet global standards, including U.S., Japanese and European pharmacopeia and the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA). UL’s Consumer and Retail Service team has led the field in developing industry test methods and standards, to help clients in the advancement of effective quality assurance programs for their dietary supplement products. The UL brand is recognized by 3 out of 4 consumers as a symbol of high quality and performance. Lead in your category by testing to UL’s highest standards, and differentiate at shelf using the UL verified badge.


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