Contact a UL Consumer Technology expert at anytime with your questions concerning compliance, on everything from standards to certification.


New UL Anytime Scheduler Feature is now launched! Now you can schedule time with our Engineer and immediately get answer to your technical questions related to your project or product.

UL Anytime provides also chat support service with Anytime Chat – now it is even easier to contact a UL representative. Use the chat button on the right to be connected immediately with a UL representative.

You may also contact us by phone at:

Asia:  tel. +852.2276.9150
Europe:  tel. +49.694898.10500
North America:  tel. +1.847.664.1900

*For the pilot phase, calls are conducted in English, on Monday-Friday and available for high-tech customers.

Basic Services

Our entry-level information service is available to you 24 hours a day, and now with one click!

  • UL 101 and Components 101 – receive a high level overview on how your project will proceed through UL and gain a preliminary understanding on the component requirements to obtain full certification for your product.
  • Safety Certification for the United States and Canada – ensure you know the steps required for North America safety certification and successfully complete the certification process the first time!
  • CB Scheme Requirements – learn about CB requirements and other compliance requirements around the world.
  • Data Acceptance Program – hear about documentation and audit requirements for UL’s Data Acceptance Program (DAP) and the Manufacturer Test Laboratories (MTL) Program under the CB Scheme.

Next Day Certification*

The Next Day Certification Service primarily covers products that don’t require testing, such as Class III, Limited Power Source (LPS) supplied, laser-less products and without ratings. Examples include:

  • PC Accessories
  • Keyboards & Mice
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • PC Cards
  • GSM Modems
  • LCD Panels

Compliance Support Services*

When you need targeted support on a specific project or product, our fee-based Compliance Support Services deliver the details in the depth you need with expert guidance from UL engineers. Please check our Compliance Support Services offering for detailed information. Try the new feature provided especially for this program and schedule time with our Engineer.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Start-up program support

UL Anytime is the main team supporting UL Start-up Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. We have chosen an alternate plastic material for our product enclosure. Can I contact UL Anytime to check parameters of the material?
Yes. We can help finding and verifying technical information available in the database for UL Certified Products.

2. Follow-up inspection in our factory has been just completed and Variation Notice has been issued. Can we quickly solve it through  UL Anytime?
Currently, we cannot resolve Variation Notices through UL Anytime. However, we can assist in explaining relevant requirements for quick resolution.

3. Our factory manager in China would like to use UL Anytime but cannot speak English. Is it possible to contact UL in my local language?
UL Anytime is established to support our customers globally. And the language for the pilot phase is English only, for now.

4. I need quick advice for minor issue related to my product being developed for Hazardous Location. Can I contact UL Anytime for help?
Currently, in our pilot phase, UL Anytime is primarily for customers from the high tech industry only. We might extend it in the future.

5. I am not sure how to understand/interpret a requirement from UL 60950-1. Can UL Anytime help?
Our staff can assist in contacting one of UL’s engineers who can provide technical expertise in UL 60950-1.

6. We need immediately to replace a transformer in our power supply. Can we get faster approval through  UL Anytime?
UL Anytime is for technical advice and does not replace the current certification process. You may contact a UL Sales representative or open a project through the MyHome account for your urgent project request.

7. Which kinds of the high tech customers are covered in the pilot phase?
In the pilot phase, manufacturers from the following segments will be covered, they are:

  • Batteries and Power Supply
  • Components
  • Computers and Peripherals
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Printed Wiring Boards
  • Telecommunications Equipment
8. Is there any charge involved for UL Anytime service?
For entry-level information service there is no charge from UL. However, you may need to bear any applicable charges from your telephone or data network carrier.
For Compliance Support Services program charges apply. Please contact UL Anytime responders for detailed information.


12 Responses to “UL Anytime”

  1. Kasia says:

    Finally! I like it!

  2. Richard Hammer says:

    Glad you do! It was worth the wait!

  3. 东莞市健佳塑胶有限公司 says:

    M90-44 UL

  4. angela says:

    I need to get an updated UL book testing and public safety Building materials directory. Please help.

  5. peter weng says:

    very good~ Id like to use this function and very convenience.

  6. Dabeer says:

    I am looking the details about UL 10C, if any product contains certification UL 10C, it’s mean it is tested for how many Fire Rating Hours ?

  7. SM Lutfur Rahman says:

    UL Serial no. of door leaf and door frame
    reference to MZM CEPZ Project.

    R25577 (Door Leaf) : B07585380 – B07585402
    R25758 (Door Frame) : B03404416 – B03404438

    Pls verify above number and send your comment asap.

  8. Jari Leminen says:

    We might need UL certification for our product, so please contact me for more details

    Jari Leminen
    CE, The Button Corporation

  9. Why UL Anytime service not good like before?, it was very good service working 24/7 , but now it’s mostly not available and shows : currently offline.

    • mkarolakpiasecka says:

      Hello Mohamed,
      we’re looking into this issue and will get back to you soon by email.

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