Banking and payment systems are undoubtedly becoming more complex, incorporating multiple technologies and increasingly diverse platform applications. These constant advancements are driving the need to comply with an ever-growing number of technical standards and payment scheme requirements.

Furthermore, highly publicized breaches of consumer account data underscore the importance of security and risk management to help protect a brand reputation and, of course, consumer privacy.

UL is dedicated to helping customers navigate these challenges. We have decades of expertise in testing payment systems and innovations across various industries and markets. As a trusted global partner, with regional offices and understanding of local requirements and language, we offer comprehensive services to retailers and merchants, issuers, personalization bureaus, acquirers, payment terminal vendors and processors.

The benefits of working with UL
UL is a single, expert resource for all banking and payment system stakeholders. We can provide guidance, advice and training as well as test and certification services at all stages of your project. Furthermore, UL provides certified test tools and simulators that help you test your systems and prepare you to obtain mandatory formal certifications.

With our deep experience and relationships with industry regulators and standardization bodies, UL is continuously at the forefront of compliance issues and requirements. The combination of our industry insight and technical expertise enables us to guide customers through regulatory approval processes in the best way possible, helping to ensure speed-to-market and cost efficiencies.

UL has been involved in payment system projects of every kind, including EMV migration projects, contactless payments, host card emulations (HCE), mobile payment (NFC, HCE) implementations and cloud-based payment systems.

Our world-class laboratories are accredited to perform assessments to EMVCo and PCI Security Standards. We offer payment terminal testing services, and perform functional testing of payment products.

We can also validate systems on behalf of MasterCard Formal Approval Services as well as on behalf of Discover Financial Services.


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PCI PA-DSS Requirements
PCI PA-DSS Requirements
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